Direct video link to the operation theatre

The field of reduced port and single access surgery is a fast developing field. For a better understanding of the different operating strategies and techniques, we provide live-surgery sessions in which you can see international experts perform the operations live in the OT. Through a live-stream video connection, you can ask questions directly to the surgeon and the rest of the operating team.

With this live-sessions we want to deliver a realistic impression of the critical steps of each operation. By interacting with the surgeon, you get a first hand demonstration right as if you were assisting the procedure. Due to the wast field of approaches available,we can not demonstrate every possible solution that is on the market. But with focusing on the relevant and practicable techniques, we would like to show you, who you and your patients can benefit from today’s standards in single access & reduced port surgery.

Limiting the number of attendees creates a unique and personal atmosphere where there’s room for every question and every detail you want to focus on. If you ask the surgeon to show you some aspect of his operation again or in an another angle of view, she/he can do so immediately, providing a deeper understanding and an excellent learning experience.