The hands-on-training is an excellent opportunity to improve your surgical skills. On our pelvi-trainer equipped with animal organs, you can take your first steps in single portal surgery or try out more advanced techniques like stitching and intra- and extra corporalsuturing. To establish a training experience as close as possible to real-life operation, we provide a fullfledged laparoscopic setup with a standard laparoscopic camera.

That way, viewing the image on a portable monitor, you get a realistic impression of the space available at the operation site and the angles you have to deal with.

The hand-eye coordination is trained as well. You can work in teams to get an impression of what the experience would be in you OT at home.

At any time, the international experts and tutors can help and assist you, giving you hints and tricks to perform the exercises. With our hand-on-training you can train and exercise all the critical steps an single port surgery without the pressure of time or outer circumstances. You can perform every step, expose the situs as needed an re-arrange you instruments to fit your needs.